University of Washington Bothell

Information for Parents & Families

We care for students as if their future depends on it...because it does

Whether you’re the parent of a current UW Bothell student or a potential one, we want you to know that we place each student at the center of our academic universe. All of our group and personal efforts revolve around the needs of students.

At UW Bothell, this means more than just the sharing of scholarship. It means introducing your son or daughter to new ways of thinking and new approaches to building and integrating intellectual, social and emotional skills that will last a lifetime.

The Campus: Natural and Nurturing

Going to school in the midst of Pacific Northwest nature and attending classes in modern buildings designed to make the most of technology and the environment . . .  this is what every UW Bothell student can enjoy. Because our classes are smaller than those in many universities, we can assure you that your son or daughter will receive personal attention. When is comes to classroom visibility, many of our students say (or complain!) that they “can’t hide.” And we’re pretty sure that, as a parent, you prefer it that way!

Academics: Information, Integration and Inspiration

We are surrounded by protected wetlands and dynamic ecosystems, which reflect our own philosophy of holistic, collaborative education. Each and every part of the learning process—and each member of the academic community—is integral to the success of all. No student is more important than any other. And no instructor fails to recognize that it is just as valuable to learn from a student as it is to teach a student.

Collaborative Learning: Interdisciplinary Education

UW Bothell enjoys a top reputation for its progressive, interdisciplinary and cross-programmatic approach to education. We promote collaboration among our faculty, our students and our academic programs. Through hands-on participation, students learn the benefits of cooperation and integration: social, academic and career; campus and community; local, global and environmental. Read about some of our collaborative programs at the links below.

Student Services: Everything to Help Students Succeed

Our faculty and staff are hired as much for their scholarship and academic skills as for their devotion to serving students. You may not be on campus to prod and applaud them, but we are..and we do.