Minor in Neuroscience

Program Format

Admissions and Prerequisites

Because Anatomy & Physiology I (B BIO 351) requires students to have completed the Introductory Biology series (B BIO 180, 200, and 220), these three introductory classes are prerequisites for the Neuroscience Minor. 

Upon successful completion of the Introductory Biology series with a grade of 2.0 or higher in each class, students will be allowed to declare the minor.

Core Requirements - 15 credits

  1. B BIO 351 - Principles of Anatomy and Physiology I (5 cr)
  2. B BIO 310 - Brain and Behavior (5 cr)
  3. B BIO 480 - Neurobiology (5 cr)*

Elective Requirements  - 10+ credits (Chosen from this list)

  1. B Bio 394 Special Topics in Neuroscience**
  2. B Bio 355 Behavioral Endocrinology (5 cr)
  3. B Bio 385 Animal Behavior (5 cr)
  4. BIS 270 Abnormal Psychology (5 cr)
  5. BIS 422 Clinical Psychology (5 cr)
  6. B Bio 499 Undergraduate Research in Biology***

    * B BIO 480 can count towards the requirements of the Biology major or the Neuroscience minor, but not both.

    ** B BIO 394 may be taken multiple times as long as the topic is different each time.

    *** Research experience must be neuroscience-oriented and must be approved by the Neuroscience Curriculum Committee. Research opportunities depend on faculty availability, so you should not plan to use B BIO 499 as an elective for the minor. However, if you are already conducting neuroscience research and earning credit, then you can petition to have the credit count towards the minor.