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Toolkit for Suppliers

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University of Washington Bothell is dedicated to diversity, equity & inclusion by providing the diverse business community visibility to avenues of opportunity on campus. The following are some useful tools to help:

  • The University works very closely with the Washington State Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE). We encourage our small, local, and diverse suppliers to connect with OMWBE to learn about the many resources they provide. Certification will provide greater visibility to various state agencies.
  • Purchasing:

    1) Purchases less than $10k

    As a large institution with a decentralized procurement model for purchases less than $10k, many of the University's buying decisions are made by a host     of different departments, programs, and offices.  Establishing business               relationships with these decisions makers is an important step for marketing     your business.

    2) Purchases greater than $10k

    For large purchases, Procurement Services will use a variety of methods to       acquire goods and services for all units at the university.  Their website             provides a number of resources to get started including information on a monthly orientation.
  • UW Consulting and Business Development Center: taking business education out of the classroom and putting it to work in and for the community.  The center pairs business owners and business students in a number of different ways to solve problems and provide real world experience.  Click the link above to learn more.
  • Connect with your local chamber's business expo.

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